Your well-behaved pet is welcome!
Well behaved pets are welcome to stay with you
in our Mt. Olympus stand alone cottage
or in the Prospect Mountain Cabin

Pet Friendly

Well behaved dogs are welcome to stay with you in our Mt. Olympus stand-alone cottage (limit 2 at a time) or the Prospect Mountain Cabin. The side door in Mt. Olympus accesses the dog run, enclosed with a 5 foot privacy fence and gravel flooring.

Please bring proof of vaccinations including Bordetella & Rabies.ll Dogs must have proof of vaccinations including   Bordetella & Rabies.

in some circumstances
Please call us to check availability and arrangements for your dog's stay.
For the enjoyment and safety of everyone,
please read the pet agreement and terms below.

Guest with Pet agreement and terms with the Black Dog Inn, Inc.
  • Owner will pick up after pet waste and dispose in provided receptacle each day.
  • Owner will make sure that pet run is completely picked up and clean before checking out and leaving. If while walking your pet, he/she soils anywhere on the property please make sure you pick waste up. Extra charges will be applied if we clean up.
  • All food, water and care are the responsibility of the owner.
  • It is fully understood that if there is any damage, (examples being, but not limited to: furnishings, flooring, carpet, building structure such as doors, frames, walls, windows or fencing), that the owner is responsible for the cost of replacement including labor.
  • Owners will take their pet with them when they leave the premises. Pets are not to be left behind in suite/cabin or pet run. The only exception is when owner comes into the main lodge for breakfast. Pet may not accompany owner for breakfast.
  • Due to the need to maintain an allergy free environment at the Black Dog Inn, Mt. Olympus is the only suite that the pet may enter. Your pet may not enter any other suite or cabin.
  • For the safety and protection of every pet guest that stays with us, all pets are to have all current vaccinations. Please have your vet give you a copy of health certificate & vaccination record including Bordetella and Rabies for us to see.
  • If pet disturbs the other guests with noise, such as barking & crying, other arrangements such as taking the pet to an animal boarding house will have be made immediately. At the discretion of Black Dog Inn.
  • If while staying at the Black Dog Inn, your pet bites or injures anyone or any other animal, pet owner is fully liable for all damages. Owner agrees to hold harmless Black Dog Inn, Inc. aka Black Dog Inn bed and breakfast, Inc. from all claims and liabilities for damages to persons and property resulting therefrom, regardless of the legal theory presented, including reasonable attorney fees and costs.

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